Tentative Notice of AEESEAP 2014 Triennial ConferenceHajime Fujita, Deputy Secretary General of AEESEAP

At the Executive Committee Meeting of 2103 AEESEAP, AEESEAP Office and National University of Singapore proposed the following. The AEESEAP 2014 Triennial Conference will be held at the National University of Singapore (NUS), 16 – 18 July, 2014, together with the International Conference on Advanced Design Research and Education (ICADRE14). At the 2013 Executive Committee Meeting, details of the conference could not be decided. Then AEESEAP Office proposed that they and National University of Singapore will make detailed plan for the conference by the end of 2013, and it was approved so. After consulting Prof. Komeda, new president of AEESEAP, secretary general Mr. Kemmochi proposed their wishes to NUS, and AEESEAP and NUS tentatively decided as follows.

1. AEESEAP will provide 600,000JPY (Japanese Yen) to NUS, which is approximately 6,000 USD at the current exchange rate, and NUS will invite AEESEAP Voting member representatives, one person per country. NUS will provide U-town (university housing) apartment for AEESEAP representatives, two night of lodging, free of charge.

2. If voting member representatives want to stay outside of campus hotels, the support may be limited but we cannot decide right now because UNESCO support is unknown yet.

3. The registration fee of the Conference, ICADRE14, will be 700SD (Singapore dollar), which is approximately 550USD (US Dollar). Registration fee for AEESEAP representatives will be, however, discounted to 600SD. AEESEAP is not sure if they can support part of this registration fee, because the support from UNESCO is not clear yet. If there are some supports from UNESCO, the registration fee and/or travel to Singapore would be partly supported.

4. Registration fee would cover some amount of travel expenses of keynote speakers.

5. The country reports of AEESEAP may be held on the afternoon of 17 July and the Executive Committee Meeting may be held in the morning of 18 July, but the schedule is not fixed yet. 6. AEESEAP representatives who do not want to participate in the ICADRE14, they can attend only AEESEAP country reports and the Ex. Com. Meeting, without paying ICADRE14 registration fee. 7. Details of the support will be decided in early next year when the UNESCO support becomes clear. We, AEESEAP Office, will let you know the details of the Triennial Conference 2014 as soon as they become clear. But please note that the date is decided to be 16 – 18 July, 2014 at the National University of Singapore.

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