Conference Since 2000

20006th Triennial Conferencethe Natural Gas Based Industry in 21th Century: A Challenge for Engineering Education in Free Trade EraBali, Indonesia
2001Midterm ConferenceGlobalization of Engineering Education Accreditation and AssessmentSouls, Korea
2002International SeminarICT in the Knowledge Society: Challenges and Opportunities for Business and EducationBatam Island, Indonesia
20037th Triennial ConferenceEnhancing Engineering Education and Training: An University Government partnershipK.L, Malaysia
2004Midterm SymposiumEngineering Education for an Uncertain Future Accreditation in the Age of GlobalizationAuckland, New Zealand
2005Regional SymposiumEngineering a Better Environment for MankindK.L, Malaysia
2007Midterm SymposiumNew Strategies in Engineering EducationK.L, Malaysia
2008WorkshopCurrent Status of the Engineering Education of Each CountryTokyo, Japan
2009WorkshopStrengthening the Collaboration between Universities and IndustrySeoul, Korea
2010WorkshopWorkshop towards Washington AccordManila, Phillippines
20118th Triennial ConferenceEngineering Education: Innovation and DevelopmentBeijing, China
2012Joint WorkshopCurrent Status of the Engineering Education of Each CountryTokyo, Japan
2013Joint WorkshopEffective Implementation of Student Centered Teaching & Learning TechniquesJeju Island, Korea
20149th Triennial ConferenceAdvanced Design Research and EducationSingapore
2015WorkshopInternational Cooperation in Engineering EducationBandung, Indonesia
2016WorkshopEngineering Education for Smart SocietySeoul, Korea
2017WorkshopAEESEAP for Promotion of International Cooperation & Advancement of Engineering Education in Southeast and East Asian and the Pacific RegionsSeoul, Korea
2018WorkshopFrom infrastructure development to human resource in engineeringBeijing, China