AEESEAP and Accreditation of Engineering Education

There are many international organizations or alliances for engineering education programs. The main purpose of these organizations is that those engineers who were educated in one country can work freely in other countries, due to internationalization of engineering in general. These are Washington Accord, herein after abbreviated as WA, for 4 years of education for engineers, Sydney Accord for 3 years of education for engineering technologists, Dublin Accord for 2 years of education for engineering technicians, and EUR-ACE for engineers in Europe. Recently Seoul Accord started for engineers engaged in ICT computer business. In Japan, JABEE, Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education was established in 1999 and JABEE was admitted to WA as a signatory member in 2005.

The WA is operated as follows. WA admits a representative engineering accreditation board (JABEE in Japan, for example) of a country or economy as a signatory member and that accreditation board accredits engineering education programs in that country or economy.
There are many countries who want to join the WA and AEESEAP performed a workshop to prepare for the WA, in Manila, Philippines in 2010. The program of the workshop was as follows.
May 20, 2010 9:00 Opening Message by AEESEAP President Prof. Gao (China). 9:10 Welcome Address by AEESEAP 2nd Vice President, Prof. Guevara (Philippines). 9:20 Introduction to the Workshop by AEESEAP 1st Vice President, Prof. Fujita (Japan). 9:40 International Accreditation Programs in Engineering Education and their inter-relations By past AEESEAP President, Prof. Vie (Philippines). 10:30 The requirement for joining WA by Prof. King (Australia). 15:30 Open forum discussion.

May 21, 2010 9:00 The preparation to be accepted as a signatory member to WA by Prof. Lock (Singapore).

There are organizations in Asia to help joining WA other than AEESEAP, such as FEIAP, Federation of Engineering Institutions in Asia and the Pacific, and NABEEA, Network of Accreditation Bodies of Engineering Education in Asia, and from Japan, IPCJ, The Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan is a member of FEIAP and JABEE is a member of NABEEA. In the workshop mentioned above, Prof. Fujita and Prof. Vie talked about both organizations. It will be important to consider the relations with AEESEAP, FEIAP and NABEEA, and cooperate each other for development of engineering education in Asia. The future activity of AEESEAP is to consider these inter-relations.

The activities of FEIAP and NABEEA are opened in their internet home pages.

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