2013 Executive Committee Meeting and Workshop

The 23rd of AEESEAP Executive Committee meeting and the 2013 Workshop was held at the Ramada Hotel, Jeju, Korea together with the Annual Conference of the Korean Society for Engineering Education (KSEE) on November 7 and 8, 2013. The Annual conference of KSEE was in the cerebration of its 20th year anniversary and it was named as the International Engineering Education Forum 2013 (IEEF 2013) and moreover, it was held together with the 3rd ACEE (Asian Conference in Engineering Education). Thus the schedule of the conference became somewhat complicated. The actual plan as shown in Table 1, was a little different from the original plan reported before.

Actually, keynote lectures of the 7th took rather long time, therefore the AEESEAP Country Report started late, and the end of the afternoon session on 7th became 17:15. Thus AEESEAP Executive Committee Meeting started at 17:20. Attendees were Australia/New Zealand,Brunei Darussalam,Japan,Korea,Malaysia,PRChina,Singapore, totaling 7 countries and it satisfied the quorum of 5 countries, thus the Executive Committee Meeting became effective. The minute of the meeting is under preparation, but the main points are as follows. (1) The President of AEESEAP is changed from Prof. Takei (Director for International Affairs, JSEE)to Prof. Komeda (Acting Director for International Affairs, JSEE). (2) The Triennial Conference 0f 2014 will be held together with International Conference on Advanced Design Research and Education, planned by the National University of Singapore, and it will be held on July 16 – 18, 2014. The AEESEAP Office is negotiating with the National University of Singapore for details. At the beginning, the date was from July 30 to August 1, but it was changed due to university schedule. (3) For this proposal, Vice President of AEESEAP, Prof. Choi (Korea) made the following comment. Some voting member representatives of AEESEAP may not want to give paper presentation at an international conference. How are you going to handle such cases? (4) It was agreed that the AEESEAP office will make contact with the National University of Singapore to consider the financial problems and the comment from Prof. Choi, and detailed plan will be announced by the end of 2013. The Executive Committee Meeting was closed at 18:00 on November 7. The Workshop on 8th named “Effective Implementation of Student-Centered Teaching & Learning Techniques” was conducted by Prof. Yusof of the University of Malaysia. It was performed in American way, that is, all participants did take some part of the workshop and they were busy. The dinner on 8th provided by KSEE was held in a traditional Korean restaurant, and the voting members had a good time to deepen their friendships

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